Curriculum Vitae

James H. Pickerell

10319 Westlake Dr, Suite 162

Bethesda, MD 20817

Phone: 301-251-0720

Email: wvz@fpcubgbf.pbz


The following outlines my qualifications as an expert on the production, handling, storage and marketing of stock photography, as well as the general business practices within the photography industry as well as an expert at appraising stock photo collections.

I was a full-time freelance photographer from 1963 through 1997 with the exception of one year when I was staff photographer for Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine.  In addition to my continuing assignment work during this period, I created and licensed stock photographs.  Some of these licenses were made directly to clients. Others were through many picture agencies around the world.  I began licensing my images for textbook use in the 1970s and from the late 1970's to the present my career has been focused on the production and marketing of stock photography.  Currently less than 10% of my gross business income is generated from the licensing of stock photographs. The rest of my income comes from reporting and writing about the stock photo industry in my online newsletter, and from consulting.

My photographs have been used on more than 100 magazine covers including a Life cover and eleven Newsweek covers. My clients include: IBM, Atlantic Research Corporation, ATT, C&P Telephone, Satellite Business Systems, Bechtel, Litton, W.R. Grace, Martin Marietta, Union Carbide, Comsat, Pepsico, E.R. Squibb, Northrop, FMC Corporation, ASARCO, Owens Corning Fiberglas, GEICO, Bristol Myers, Shell, ARCO, Exxon, INA, General Electric, Booz-Allen Hamilton, Marathon Oil and various U.S. government agencies.

In the period from 1976 through 1992, I had well over 10,000 individual sales of my stock photographs.  Virtually all of these sales were for one-time usage rights.  In some cases the same photograph was licensed many times by one or more publishers.  Presently, the marketing of my images is handled by Stock Connection.

In 1993 my daughter and I established Stock Connection, a stock agency that handles the licensing of rights to images for more than 400 photographers.  All the images we represent are promoted on one or more online portals.  Since 1997, I have devoted most of my time and energies to analysis of the stock photo industry and to reporting my findings in my books and newsletters.

I have been a member of various professional organizations including: American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) (for over 30 years), Professional Photographers of America, the National Press Photographers Association, Picture Agency Council of America, The American Society of Picture Professionals and the White House News Photographers Association.

In 1981, I helped establish the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of ASMP and served as Vice President for two years and President for two years.  I served on the national committee that produced ASMP’s Stock Picture Handbook published in 1984. Beginning in May 1987, I served for two years as a national board member of ASMP.  One important aspect of ASMP’s work is to help establish professional business practices for the production and marketing of photographs.  ASMP regularly publishes guidelines as to standard practices within the industry.

My first book, Vietnam In The Mud, was published by Bobbs-Merrill in 1967.  In 1989, I self-published a pricing guide called Negotiating Stock Photo Prices (NSPP).  Now in its 5th edition, Negotiating Stock Photo Prices has sold over 10,000 copies and was a key reference manual in the stock photo industry in the 1990s and early 2000s.  It explains industry practices, discusses things to consider when pricing stock photo usages and examines various methods of licensing.  Most importantly, it contains pricing schedules for various stock photo usages.  In 1997, I published a pamphlet called Marketing Photography in the Digital Environment.

In 1990 I began publishing Selling Stock, a newsletter that deals with issues related to the production and marketing of stock photography.  In 1995, I launched, and slowly increased the volume and timeliness of stories from a 6-issue-a-year printed version to daily online updates.  In 2007 I updated my recommended pricing strategies from the last edition of NSPP and made them available on  

I have organized or been the principal speaker at seminars on stock photography and the business practices of photography.  I have been qualified in judicial proceedings and in arbitrations to act as an expert witness with respect to the handling, storage and marketing of stock photography, the value of lost or damaged transparencies, and the general business practices within the photography industry.

I attended Ohio University from 1954-56 where I majored in photography.  I graduated from UCLA in 1963 with a BS in political science.  I attended the U.S. Navy photo school in 1957.


case: Steve Altman v. GTE
            testified at trial
            Federal Court, Alexandria, VA
            attorney: John DiJoseph, Northern Virginia

case: Docter vs. Colorfax Laboratories, Inc.
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            District of Columbia
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case: Steve Altman v. United States
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case: Robert Shafer vs. Kettler, et al
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case: Tom Guidera III, Mitchell Studio vs. Cross Builders
            Magistrates court, Alexandria, VA
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case: William J. Moriarty
            submitted report settled
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case: Max Hirshfeld vs. Uniphoto
            arbitration in Washington, DC
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case: Louise Kraff vs. Charles E. Smith
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case: Melissa English
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case: John Harrington vs. MBNA
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case: Foster v. WCVB TV Channel 5
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case: Sharpshooters, Inc. vs. Retirement Living Publishing
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case: Kennan Ward vs. Simon & Schuster
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case: Nancy Fadala vs. Sam Fadala

case: 75273
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case: Patricia Andre vs. Margolis et al.
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case: Hot Shots vs. various media
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case: Dennis Murphy vs. Starbucks
            unauthorized use of photograph on Starbucks coffee package
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case: Savio v. Napa Valley Wine Train
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            unauthorized use
            U.S. District Court, Northern District of California
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case: Michael Karas v. Colecorp
            Case Number: 1999 30276
            lost transparencies
            Judicial District Court of Harris County, TX
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case: Silber v. Gecker & Willey
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case: McKee v. Hills Stores
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            Judicate The National Private Court System            
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case: Charles Mason v. The Image Bank
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case: Michael Grecco v. Corbis Sygma

case: 113528 1998
            Supreme Court of the State of New York
            lost transparencies report used for settlement settled
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case: Peter B. Kaplan v. Franpearl
            damaged transparencies
            submitted experts report used in negotiating settlement
            attorney: Stephen Weingrad, New York, NY 212 244 4187

case: Peter B. Kaplan v. Adams
            damaged transparencies
            submitted experts report used in negotiating settlement
            attorney: Stephen Weingrad, New York, NY 212 244 4187

case: Giammarino & Dworkin v. Bauer Publishing Co.
            arbitration hearing Manhattan                                                
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case: Kimberlee Haggin Cooper v. Mark Garner Cooper
4/01 FL 002 421
            Marin County Courts, California
            divorce settlement
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case: Superstock v. Getty Images, Giraudon
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case: Groobert v. Georgetown
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case: Gentieu v. Tony Stone Images/Getty Images
            evaluate file that had generated over $1 million in sales for potential
            copyright infringement and unauthorized use.
            U.S. Federal Court in Chicago
            Attorney: Patricia Felch 847 420 0004

case: Harness v. Intervest Companies, et. al.
09/03: use of image beyond license
            Dallas, Texas
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case: Doug Menuez v. Macy’s West
11/03: lost transparencies
            USDC, Central District of California, Case N. 02-CV-3926
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case: Obremski v. The Image Bank
03/04 lost transparencies by stock photo agency
            Supreme Court of the State of New York
            Attorney: Alan Ross 212-979-2510

case: Vecchione Print and Film v. La Pasta, Inc.
04/04 water damage to images
            Circuit Court Montgomery County, Maryland
            Case No. 253201-V
            Attorney: Tim Junkin, 301-987-0600

case: Schneider and Kent v. Kia Motors
05/04 use of image beyond the original license
            Los Angeles, U.S.D.C. Case No.:03-5756 GAF(SHx)
            Attorney: Amy L. Neiman, 310-575-5555

case: Lawrence v. Nelson, et. al.
06/04 use of image beyond original license
            Seattle, Washington
            Attorney: Richard Alaniz 206-381-3300

case: Malluk v. Primedia
08/04 lost transparencies
            Southern District of New York, 04 CV 4188
            Attorney: David Atlas, 212-370-5316

case: Angela Russo v. Collins Investments, LLC
12/04 water damage to transparencies
            Boston, Civil Action No. 04-4396-B
            Attorney: Paula Bagger, 617-428-6815

case: Mcduff Everton v. Callaway Golf
10/05 lost transparencies
            Supreme Court of State of New York
            Attorney: Edward Greenberg, 212-697-8777

case: Tom Brakefield v. Banana Stock
12/05 lost transparencies
            London, United Kingdom

case: Vecchione Print & Film v. La Pasta, Inc.
09/05 water damage to transparencies
            Circuit Court, Montgomery County, Maryland, Case No: 253201-V
            Attorney: Tim Junkin, 301-987-0600

case: Kuhn, Giles, et al vs. Sugar Reef Inc.
10/06 value of images lost in fire
            Attorney: Mark Antin, 973-285-1919

case: Ingrid Cole vs James R. Cole
09/07 divorce settlement
            Montana Eighteenth Judicial District Court
            Attorney: Christopher J. Gillette

case: Beidleman, McKenzie and Price vs. Holt Rinehart and Winston
03/08 Civil Action No. 07-cv-01220-ZLW-MJW
            Attorney: Michael Mervis’

case: Jessica Semerdjian vs. Holt. Rinehart and Winston (HMH)
            Attorney: Charles Sims, Proskauer Rose

case: Ted Wood vs. Holt, Rinehart and Winston
            Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagbher & Flom
            Attorney: Amy Gardner

case: Paul Wayne Wilson vs. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Co
03/11 No. 10-cv-7814 (S.D.N.Y.)
            Attorney: Edward C. Greenberg

case: DRK Photo vs. Pearson Education, Inc.
04/13 AAA No. 50 143 T 00701 11
            Attorney: Maurice Harmon, Harmon and Seidman, LLC

case: Rundquist v. Vapiano SE and Vapiano Franchise USA, LLC,
04/13 No. 1:09-cv-02207 (BAH)
            Attorney: Erik Kane, Kenyon & Kenyon, LLP

case: Grant Heilman Photography vs. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
            Attorney: Maurice Harmon, Harmon and Seidman, LLC
Valuing Estate

case: Bauer Living Trust, Parker Bauer, Trustee
03/05: valued 107,000 images for Estate Tax purposes
            Parker Bauer, 352-732-3006

Cases where I supplied information directly to the photographer.

case: John Henley vs. Tuff Stuff Publications
            arbitration hearing in Richmond, VA

case: Fred Hirschmann vs. Alaskan Frontier Beer

case: David Walsh vs. Washington Times Newspapers
            Submitted report on value of lost images

case: Thomas Bailey of Oyen Wiggs et. al
            submitted report

case: David Bartruff vs. Saga International Holidays
            Submitted report on value of lost images – settled

case: Gary Gruby v. Russell Corp.
            1:99 CV 2138 CC
            U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Div.
            Consulted in negotiating settlement for lost transparencies