Expert Witness   (Curriculum Vitae)

Jim has qualified as an expert witness in a number of different areas related to stock photography including: 
  • Providing an expert valuation in the event of lost or damaged transparencies.
  • Providing an expert opinion on reasonable compensation when there has been an unauthorized use or copyright infringement. (Photographers note: The chances of significant compensation are much better if the image was registered prior to the infringement.)
  • Evaluating a photographer's file for purposes of a divorce settlement.
  • Evaluating a photographer's future income potential for the purpose of a settlement in a medical mal-practice case.
  • Providing an opinion on the standard business practices in the industry related to the storage, handling and marketing of stock images.

The current fee for any of these services is $350 per hour charged for actual time with no minimum. (In phone consultations, the caller must initiate the phone call so the charges are made to his/her number.)

Payment for these service can be made with Visa, Master Card or American Express. We  also bill for services, if the client is someone with whom we have had a continuing relationship. Otherwise, payment must be made at the time of consultation.

For more information, contact Jim at 301-251-0720 or wvz@fpcubgbf.pbz.